KML (4 Oct 2011)
"RE: Gary Newman " countdown"  Jarrow March"

Hello Gary and Doves

After reading your post I did a little hunting via the internet about the Jarrow March.
I found it interesting that a lot of the information concerning Jarrow was missing from the records.
I found this website that spoke of " New Communist Party of Britain ".

Perhaps the Holy Spirit spoke " remember the Jarrow Marchers " because of this influence, and the part it will play in the end times prophecy concerning Israel. This same hatred, and oil being an issue in part, for the land of Israel. And the part Putin has held for some time now, and has still set himself up to continue to rule.
Gog has the hook in his mouth, and GOD is pulling him in. Just as the Bible tells us he will.

Just a thought....
Be Blessed