KML (4 Oct 2011)
"RE: Charles " Hanging in there ""

Hello Charles and Doves
I thought I would share a little of my life with you, and maybe you will not feel so down.
In 2008 when realestate dropped and is still dropping, I owned around One Million in realestate properties.
I also own my own buisness, and the building I run the buisness out of.
As of Feb, 2010 I had to file bankrupcy. The buisness could no longer handle the support of my holdings and my personal expences due to the economy. For a little over 2 years now I have canceled my cell phone, my TV connection, and I do not listen to the radio any longer because the ONE station I liked to listen to because it was easy listening, was sold and bought by a mexican company. I don't get the daily news paper. I have only my DSL internet connection, and that line is what I use for local calls only. Which keeps my expences down for a phone. My business property, my home, and my rental property are discharged in the bankrupcy. I am living day to day. Relying upon the Lord. He is good and I study daily and of course the credit cards are also gone.
I am on a cash or check basis. Waiting for the foreclosers to be satisfied. It is at that point I will be given the notice to vacate my home and buisness properties.
Can I tell you ......I am JOYFUL ! I have no debt ! I am able to relax and enjoy the presence of the Lord, and know that He is in charge ! I eat and have plenty, and all my needs are met !
I prayed and Thanked God for the Bankrupcy, I was free longer in bondage to my debters. The things of this world are not important. My home is not here upon this earth, but in heaven. There is nothing I place before the Lord. He is my all in all. I am comforted.
I think on the poem " Foot Prints " because Now I understand what it is for Him to carry me.
I have just received my Ordination as pastor, with an honourary degree in theology, and eschatological studies.
It is a wonderful oppertunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I still work at my job, and will continue to service my clients as long as I can. They are loyal to me, as I have serviced them for nigh on 20 years. They know me and saw my children grow up and have children of their own. I live and work in a small town. I am blessed !
When One door is closed, God will open another. I have faith and know that He will, as long as I am to remain in this world until He calls me home. I still have a job to do, over and above my regular job.
That is the witness to as many as I can, even as if snatching them from the fire.
Be glad and joyful, count it all joy, because God can use you anywhere you are in life. Be strong and hold His hand, and if need be He will carry you through what ever troubles you are in.
Hold your head up and look to the heavens, as I know without a dought He is literally standing at the threshhold waiting for the Father to give the word to call us home.
Understand and know that NO ONE can take us out of His hands, and He will NEVER leave us or foresake us.

Be Blessed My friend