KML (12 Oct 2011)
"Anon The Bride & The New Moon"

Hello Anon and Doves

I found your post on Oct 11, 2011 very interesting. Titled " Extra Oil. R U Interested? "
The Holy Spirit gave me this scripture in 2009. Isaiah 46:9,10.

Remember the Things of Old: For I am God and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like Me, Declaring " The End " from
" The Beginning ", and from Ancient times " The things" that are not yet done, Saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do All My pleasure;

This set me head long into going back to the beginning in order to see the End. In my research I found that Adam and Eve were created in the "Land of Elda". ( meaning , God Knows )  Adam was brought into the Garden [ 40 days] after his creation. Eve was brought into the Garden [ 80 days] after her creation. This is reflective of when a child will be born, male or female, concerning the time of Her cleanliness.
It was set that a female child born was twice the time for a male child as to when she would be considered clean.

Adam and Eve were together in the Garden [ 7 complete years] and ON THE SECOND MONTH 17TH DAY [THE SERPENT CAME].
The very day after the completion of Adam and Eves' 7 years in the Garden.
[ a personal note]
notice that the 4th month falls in our June and July. between the SPRING and FALL Feasts. ( holy appointments) not on any of these Feasts.

The New Moon is the focal point and The Time of a NEW CYCLE. Considering the point you made in your article about The Bride consemating with the Groom for 7 days, and the need for her to be clean, I can see how it is for us as The Bride to be READY and PURE.
As it will be during the Tribulation of a 7 year period that [we] will be with THE GROOM before He brings [us] The Bride, back with Him to present to the world at His second coming, when he comes for battle and as The KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.
The Jewish Bride is presented after the consemation of the marriage.

Another thing I found interesting in looking back on THE BEGINNING, was that there were 7 years of Paradise in the Garden, and there will be 7 years of Terrible Troubles as have never been before, nor shall ever be again at The End.
So many great minds and teachers have now placed the Rapture in the Feasts of The Lord, But it is my belief that we The Bride will be taken, When the Father steps forward and tells the Groom to come for his bride.

During the Exodus of the children of Israel The Lord spoke to Moses and said to speak to the children of Israel, that these are My holy convocations " holy appointments " My Feasts.
These Feasts are The Lords Appointments, and the children of Israel were to practice them in order that they would know the Times of their fulfillment. The Feasts of The Lord are set for the children of Israel. Israel is called by God as " Mine Inheritence". His chosen people.
 " The Church " is Our Lord Jesus Bride. We will rule and reign with Him. In our New Transformed bodies. We will be like Him.
Israel is to repopulate the earth, and be The Head, and not The Tail.
Each of the Fall Feasts( appointments) of The Lord, all point to Israel, not The Bride.
The betrothal for the Bride was at the Cross. Payment was made, and the acceptance of the betrothal by the Bride was at the ressurection.
The Groom comes for His bride at ascension. In like manner He will Return for His Bride. He is preparing for the Bride in His Fathers house.
The Father will speak the word for Him to come for His Bride. The banquiet Table is being set for the Marriage Supper.
The hour is drawing near, and the Bride knows by the signs left for her by The Words of Groom himself.
Remember Jesus fulfilled Passover when He paid the price for the Bride ( cross)  Resurrection was acceptance of the betrothal by the Bride, and Jesus ascended 1 year later, and then came the Pentecost, the endwelling of His Holy Spirt to comfort the Bride until he returns for her.

Feb/March is the Abomination that makes desolate. March 21, is the Fleeing of Israel, the witnesses, the flood, and not in winter. March 21,2013 is the First day of spring. The time of the Beginning of Great Tribulation. The Bride is in Heaven !
We know that our Lord told us that those days ( the 7 year tribulation) would be shortened.
I believe the 2300 days given Daniel by the Angel for all to be complete, began on the 19th of May 2010. 1335 days from the Abomination to the days that follow tribulation, 1290 days from the Alter/ Abomination to Jesus's Second coming, 1260 days from the fleeing/witnesses/flood to Jesus Second coming.
2300- 1335=965 subtract 365 days for May 19, 2010-May 19,2011=600 days; subtract 150 days for May 19,2011- Oct 19, 2011 =450 days to the Abomination that makes desloate. Feb 21,22, 2013.
At midnight( the time between sun set and sun rise) the shout will go forth. Behold the Bride Groom Cometh !
Lets make ourselves Ready.

Look Up my friends
The time is Near !