Kevin (24 Oct 2011)


As a continuation of the spiritual dreams I recently posted,  today for the glory of the LORD God Almighty, Jehovah, The LORD Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I want to share with you two other dreams I recently had which I know and believe came from the LORD.
 1-On the night of 21st October 2011, I had a dream. In the dream, I was walking with some friends of mine on a road and I looked at the sky and I saw two moons and two suns. The two moons were of equal size and were side by side in close proximity. I then saw two suns which were also in close proximity but were not as close as the moons.
The moons and the suns kept on disappearing in the clouds and once the cloud cover cleared, I could still clearly see the two moons/suns.
In the dream, one of my friends I was walking with vividly refused to look at the two moons and the two suns, but surprisingly, he was smiling as he looked at me but adamantly refused to look at the two moons and the two suns.
In the dream, I was made to understand in my heart that the end-time signs from Jehovah God Almighty are now very clear in the sky but the people of the earth are trying/will try to avoid seeing them (looking at them) as signs of end-times from God and people will pretend/assume that everything is normal (no need to be concerned). They are not taking seriously the end-time signs/manifestations in the sky.
In the dream, as we continued to walk with my friends, I was telling them that up there in heaven, there is a superhighway and that the highway we have on this earth looks like an illusion when compared to the highway in heaven. And that the highway in heaven is more real than the highway on the earth. I told them that the highway in heaven is so smooth and the vehicles there move extremely very fast. And that surprisingly even though the vehicles move very fast there are no accidents there. My friends couldn’t believe me on this. And so I told them that in the very very unlikely event that an accident occurs up there in heaven the victims will not be injured at all and that the victim cannot die since there is no dying/death up there.
In the dream, I kept telling myself that “I hope and know that this cannot be a dream especially because everything was so very clear especially the sky.”
I kept telling my friends about this heavenly superhighway and I was very sure and clear in my mind about this heavenly superhighway; it was as if the knowledge of this superhighway of heaven had been implanted in my heart./mind and I was now informing my friends of the heavenly place and I was very convinced that all the things like highways on the earth were just like illusions but that everything in the heaven was the real thing.
Furthermore, I was made to understand in the dream that the things of the earth which the people of the earth think/believe to be their destination and to be the best things or real things are actually a shadow of the real things and beauty of what is in heaven. The things found on the earth are just but an illusion (A shadow of the real things).
2-I recently had a dream in which I saw a very large truck carrying heavy load on its closed back. I had earlier in the day heard a very very crushing and disappointing news and when I went to sleep I was very troubled and stressed for the better part of the night. I then had a dream. And in the dream, I saw a very huge truck meandering through a corner. I knew that the truck had just picked loads from me and was thus carrying all my loads of worry, stress, disappointments and burden. I knew the driver of this truck had actually carried all my worry and burden as a result of my disappointment; and that all my load/burden/worry were now being carried away on this truck, and that I now had to let go of the worry/burden/disappointment occasioned by this crushing news, since someone had taken it upon Himself to offload my heavy burden in my heart and to let me free and at peace and hence no longer with the heavy load I was carrying occasioned by the crushing news. A I was to do was to let go of this load and let the truck driver  take it away from me and to completely let go since the truck was in a short while going to disappear in the meandering corner forever and ever with my load. For some strange reason, I knew that the rider of the truck was Jesus Christ even though I did not see His face, but I knew that there was a driver inside the truck and that He was Jesus Christ Himself.