Kathy S (24 Oct 2011)

You will get so, so, soooooooo EXCITED!!
Oh how blest you will be to read these letters!  The woman that is recieving them desires her identity to be unknown.  These letters are posted on Sabrina & Susan's website.  They are NOT to be confused as theirs. Which theirs alone are truly amazing too!  But, these are from another Sister in Christ.  OH....I could only yearn to have the relationship that this dear woman in Christ has.  It would be totally awesome to hear amazing, personal words from our God.  Just Totally amazing!
So far...there are 9 letters dating back to Sept 26, 2011.
WOW!!!!  WOW!!!!  The words of our Dear Lord, Master, Saviour & Bridegroom are totally awesome as He desribes what is fixing to take place.  Here is the link.... BUT, I COPIED THE LAST LETTER BELOW TO READ FIRST. 
MY daughter, I love you. Thurs., Oct. 20th, 2011:

MY daughter, thank you for your praise and worship. I am coming for my bride! I am coming for my glorious church without spot or wrinkle! My daughter, all heaven awaits your entering in. My daughter, watch now how things are speeded up!

I hear the crys of my children! There will be no more delays! The time is Now!…My daughter, do not think it strange, the vibrations that you have felt within your body? These were my doings of my making. This was all in preparation for your departure! You are prepared and ready!

You have everything that you need. You have ME–JESUS! I Am your All-in-All, the great “I AM!”…
MY daughter, great rewards are stored up for you in heaven. As I said before, MY bride is royalty and will
be treated as such. MY daughter, if you only knew what awaits MY Glorious Church, MY bride!…

Eons and eons of pure bliss and peace! O’ what a delight my child! As I said before: you will be able “to travel” in your new glorified body–perfectly fit for you, easy to travel in, yet solid in form, at the touch. You will become as I! You will be able to change in form: as needed, when needed for whatever the task requires. Visible–Invisible: you will become as I Am! Be excited! Your redemption draws nigh! Look Up!…
             "Do you KNOW...."IF" you will go to HEAVEN?"                
                                  JESUS LOVE YOU!
"Jesus died on the cross, for the sin of the world.  Everyone can get a FREE ticket to Heaven.  But you MUST ask Jesus to come into your life as your Lord & Saviour.  And, believe He died on the cross for YOUR sin; He rose again, and IS alive today.  And, He WILL be coming back very soon to call Home all those who has asked Him into their life.  Please don't be LEFT BEHIND!  Call on the name of Jesus today!
Kathy Senterfitt          Daughter of Royality!!!
   Hello John, glad you are BACK!! We sooo MISSED you!