Karen (21 Oct 2011)

Blessings to all the doves and to you John. This is my 1st post but have been reading faithfully since 2009. I had two dreams that I'm putting out there for possible interpretation by any dove who has the gift of interpretation...1st dream happened in night of 9-22 or early morning 9-23-09. I had just attended r
.shana services in minn. that year. I dreamt I was outside celebrating with people in someones yard. It was after sunset but not dark yet. I saw in sky a spacecraft??? Coming up from behind me. It was shaped like a triangle with the point down. It was made up with smaller triangles inside of the main outside triangle. The color was neon green and glowing with black outlining all the triangles and black lines coming off all the points of the triangles that were pointing down. On these black lines near the bottom were something that resembled wings. The were also black. This was the front  view as it wad coming towards me. It came closer and started to bank so I was able to see the side of it also. It went on by and the back looked just like the front. Then it banked again heading back to where I 1st saw it. All of the sudden I sensed danger I fell to the ground and covered my head. As I was falling down, I cried out a warning "there is going to be sonic booms" As I was laying there, I looked out from underneath my arm. I saw the craft go below the horizon and then there was 3 distinct explosions  sounds but no fire that adsociated with explosions,one right after the other. With each sound there was a bluish gray flash and what seemed like a wave of water(but wasnt water) came over us in succession. Dream ended. I was going to tell the 2nd dream but I feel I should wait.          
Welcome to the Doves, Karen!