Julie M (12 Oct 2011)
"A Vision and an Experience - Part 2"

My second experience happened this Saturday, on Yom Kippur.


This was through an interaction with my husband that the Lord used as a picture of what has been happening to His Bride since Rosh Hashanah. Well, since late September, my husband and I had been planning to have our monthly date nights. We planned for a particular date, but on the day before we were to go, my husband told me he had a class to attend on the very night we were to go out. I was disappointed since I had really been looking forward to it.


 We rescheduled for last Friday night. Again, we had to cancel. For the second time, things did not happen as I thought they would, and again I was shattered. We then planned for Saturday, but HE DID NOT TELL ME WHAT TIME we would be going out. I know he  had a class to go to in the morning, and naturally, I assumed we would go out at night.


So there I was on Saturday, doing normal Saturday chores. I cooked and cleaned, did some writing. I planned to do my hair at around 4PM and get ready to go out at 7PM. I clearly remember I was wearing a track suit (the stay at home type) and I was NOT looking like a wife waiting for her husband to take her on a date! I was doing some work on my laptop, when suddenly, the door opened and there was my husband, unannounced! He looked shocked to see me dressed the way I was. He said, “We’re go now.” I said I thought he would be taking me out in the evening. I began to frantically organize my clothes, hair products, make up and jewellery. Then he said the words that I believe the Lord put in his mouth to say to me. He said “YOU KNEW I WAS COMING FOR YOU AND I EXPECTED YOU TO BE READY TO GO AT ANY TIME!”


Immediately, the Lord opened my understanding to see beyond this interaction between my husband and I. He was using it as a shadow of Himself and His Bride. We were really waiting for the Rapture on Rosh Hashanah, but it didn’t happen. Naturally, we wondered why He didn’t come. Last weekend, we waited expectantly for Him to take us unto Himself, but yet again, he didn’t come. Many of us (myself included) were disappointed and some were even hurt.


This is what I believe the Lord is saying to you, Bride of Christ, “YOU KNOW I AM COMING FOR YOU AND I EXPECT YOU TO BE READY TO GO AT ANY TIME!” I feel in my spirit that His Hand is, as it were, beginning to turn the door knob and He will appear unexpectedly! This is not the time to give, up, Watchers! Look beyond your disappointment. I know it’s hard, especially if you are being mocked or laughed at. But remember, the Lord is not slow concerning His promise. He is coming! He is coming quickly. Now, the Lord’s ‘quickly’ may not be our idea of ‘quickly’. But He did say He would return for us. He just didn’t tell us the time!


For whatever time you have left here, keep yourself ready for that Glorious Day. Don’t let your tears of disappointment ruin your ‘spiritual makeup’. Remember you are His Chosen Bride! Now get back up, put the final touches on your make-up, arrange your jewellery and straighten your wedding gown.


Be encouraged.


Your bridegroom cometh!





Nairobi, Kenya