Julie M (12 Oct 2011)
"A Vision and an Experience - Part 1"

Dear Watchers,


My name is Julie and I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I am a fellow Watcher looking up for the coming of our Lord.


I have been reading the letters everyday and I am amazed at how the Lord is awakening His Bride throughout the world. I’d like to share two experiences I’ve had: one was a vision/dream several months ago and the other is an experience I had with my husband this last Saturday.


Several months ago, I went to bed and was just laying there waiting for the sleep to come. In that period when I was just beginning to fall asleep (but easily awakened), I heard a loud trumpet blast coming from above me (above the roof of the house, really). I mean it was LOUD. It was crystal clear, like nothing I had ever heard. There were three long blasts in all. The first blast had my eyes open and wondering what in the world was going on. The second blast had me thinking “This is it! We’re going home!”


Then the strangest thing happened. Folks, I’m in tears as I write this and as surely as the Lord lives and is my witness, He allowed me  to have a little window experience into  what (I believe) the Rapture will be like, as well as what will happen to our physical bodies. So, I heard the third trumpet blast and immediately, an incredible suction like force pulled me upwards. As I looked up and was being lifted, I became aware of something going on in my body. There was an incredible vibration going on. It wasn’t like shivering, but I became aware that millions of cells in my body were being RE-ORGANIZED. Suddenly, I could see perfectly. Now, in reality, I’m severely short sighted and have worn spectacles since I was 10. I cannot leave my bed without wearing my glasses. But I could see far into the horizon. Objects, colors, the atmosphere were crystal clear and sharper than HD TV. All around, I could also hear sounds never heard by the human ear before. In short, I still recognized myself as Julie but physically I had been changed!


As I continued upward, I became aware of millions of others in the air with me. Above that multitude were angels dancing in brilliant light. However, down below on earth, things were different. I saw angry dark clouds begin to cover the sky. Lightning flashed and those left on earth began to scream and run for cover. Then the worst stench wafted up towards us and I heard a voice inside me say, “That’s the vile stench of sin. Come!”


With that, I felt my body hit the bed and I opened my eyes. I was back in my room and it was still night. Disappointment does not describe what I felt However, my body was still tingling. For about 2 days after that, my eyesight was significantly better and I only needed my glasses when I needed to go out. I had a spring to my step and all my senses were functioning better than they ever have before.


Dear Watchers, I look forward to being changed into that glorious body and meeting the Lover of our souls. I believe I saw in the mirror, though darkly, but soon, He’ll come and then I will see fully what He has kept for us! I pray I’ll meet you all in the air. Don’t miss it for the world!




Julie M.
Thanks for sharing, Julie.
Welcome to the Doves!