Julia (7 Oct 2011)
"Thoughts on a pre-trib rapture"

I know Revelations is hard to understand. Many argue whether it's chronological or not. My mother, for one, doesn't believe in a rapture. At least not a pre-trib, I know that. My thoughts are these... many people are having dreams about a pre-trib rapture, and today I began wondering if it could be a deception. What if these dreams are being planted by Lucifer so that we can all be terribly let down if were not to occur and cause some to lose their faith? It would be a terribly sad thing and a victory for him. But I want all to know that our strength in Jesus Christ and faith in His promises are true. We will not be deceived by something so trivial, because He has great plans for us. If the rapture does not occur first and we go through the tribulation, then feel strong because we are being purified! Don't let it cause you to doubt His love for us. And don't let your faith be conditional on the idea of our rescue either before or after. It will happen either way so keep your focus on Jesus Himself. Love to you all.  Here's hoping for pre-trib! :)