Julia (18 Oct 2011)
"Awoken by words"

Last week, I had been dreaming something unrelated to the Holy Spirit or thoughts of end days.  I don't recall what it was now but I remember knowing that after I woke up because I was looking for a correlation and there was none.  I was awoken with these loud and sudden words, out of the blue "Are you ready!?" and before the words were barely complete, I immediately cried out "YESSSS!" in my spirit. I startled awake, heart pounding.

This feeling caused me to remember something that happened to me back in '97 when I was eagerly looking for the Lord's return.  I was laying in bed and just falling to sleep in prayer and I recall asking Jesus "Are you coming back soon?" or "Will I see your return?" (something to that effect), and I was startled by a loud booming "I AM!" in my head.  It terrified me because it was like thunder crashing in my mind.  Have you ever had that sensation?  I sat up in bed with my heart pounding and wondered if I had angered God somehow because the words were so forceful.  

I've felt since I was a child that I would personally see the end times.  And it's rapidly approaching.  I try to remember to repent daily to keep myself ready.