Judith (3 Oct 2011)
"An Interesting Pattern - 45 years......."

45 Years - An Interesting Pattern
Watchers -
After the children of Israel left Mt. Sinai (in the 2nd yr. - April - Numbers 10:11) they wandered in
the wilderness for 40 years before crossing Jordan and entering the Promise Land.
The word says that after they arrived in the Promise Land there were an additional 5 years for the division
of the land among the tribes - Joshua 14. That totals 45 years until the completion of the distribution of the
land. It was divided amongst the tribes. You can read the record in Joshua.
Interesting that there are 44 years from 1967 to 2011 which calculates to 45 years on the 360/day calendar -
the same pattern as above. Also, now, at the end of the 45 years, Israel is once again dividing the land which
God gave to them. Will the division of the land be completed this year (the 45th year) upon the signing of
the Covenant with the many?
In addtion, there just happens to be 2483.8 years from the end of the Babylon Captivity to our 1967 which
calculates to 2520 years on the 360/day calendar.
This too is interesting insofar as Tribulation possibilities:
The 1967, June 9/10/11 date calculates to 1995.9 on the 360/day (February 17/18/19).
The 2011, Oct. 15/16/17 date calculates to 2040.9 on the 360/day (February 17/18/19).
Also, the May 14, 1948 date on our calendar calculates to October 12/13 on the 360/day.
There were other majoy events on this day as well.
Don't forget the October date for the completion of Soloman's Temple that I posted on Oct. 1.
So lots of possibilities here for the month of Oct. 
Keep watching. His coming is soooooo near now.
Blessing to all watchers,