Judith (29 Oct 2011)
"Question About Calendar Change After The Exodus - (from Sept. to March)"


Question About Calendar Change After the Exodus
Recently I had a most unusual dream regarding the time after the Exodus when
God changed the calendar from September being the first month to March.
In this dream I questioned the relevance for our calendar studies today as to whether
or not this event would have any significance for us.  I'm wondering about the fact that
since September was the actual month of the Exodus, and even though God changed the
calendar timeline, would it then become  a possible DOUBLE EVENT in which we consider
the event as happening in both months? In other words should we observe the arrival at
Mt. Sinai as occuring in both September and March? If so, why? If not, why not?
If March becomes September, doesn't it stand to reason that the historical events
occuring in March - i.e. the Passover, Resurrection, etc. would also be historically the
same as during the Exodus, i.e. a DOUBLE EVENT? Does this make sense to anyone?
We know there is a seasonal difference of 6 months between the Northern and
Southern hemispheres. Does this have anything to do with my question? lol!
This is really bugging me - wondering if there is any significance to my dream.
If there is that would mean a big difference in how we are calculating feast days,
etc. In other words, as an example, would we commemorate the March Passover in
September too - recognizing both months as having equal importance for the same
event with the only difference being one is the Civil Calendar and the other is
the Religious Calendar?
If any of this makes sense then the May Pentecost,  and/or May, 1948 dates would have
equal recognition with November - right?
I truly wish I'd never had that dream! lol!