Judith (24 Oct 2011)
"Here are some interesting date possibilities......."


Here are some Interesting Date Possibilities
Numbers 10:11 tells us that Israel left Mt. Sinai in the 2nd month on the 20th
day - April 20. Then in Deuteronomy 1:2 we're told that it is 11 days from Mt. Sinai
to Kadesh Barnea which is where they eventually crossed over the Jordan to the
Promise Land. Then Moses sends out the 12 Spies to spy out the land. That takes
40 days total.
When calculating 11 + 40 days from April 20 the date comes to June 10. A familiar
date? Yes, June 10, 1967 ended Israel's 6-day war. Also the historic time when
they once again, after almost 2,000 years, captured control of the historic Temple
Mount. Only within 12 hours Gen. Moshe Dyan relinguished that control and
returned the keys to the Jordanian authority. A sad and terrible mistake!
While it may be just a coincidence that we find the June 10 date for when
Israel was to arrive at the Jordan, another interesting fact is this..........after 40
years of wilderness travel, when they finally arrive in the Promise Land they
have yet another 5 years for the distribution of the land. During this time they
have several campaigns fighting for control of different territories. At the end
of 5 years (45 total) land is distributed to the various tribes. See Joshua 14:7&10.
Now, if you go back to June 10, 1967 and calculate 45 years on the 365.25/day
calendar you have 44.3 years. Adding those years and months/days brings us
exactly to our present year and date of October 17/18, 2011.
Even though we are now past that October 17 date I still believe there is a
POSSIBILITY for an October Rapture date.
After 40 years, once again they arrive at the Jordan. Moses sent out spies again.
They were gone for 3 days. When they returned there was another 3 days of
preparation before they began their journey across the Jordan into the
Promise Land. After the 3 days of preparation they left on the 4th day (+3 days
= 7). So they left on the 7th day. If we were to add those days to the
October 17/18 date that brings us to October 24/25.
While Oct. 24/25 may be a possibility for the Rapture, recall that Noah came
out of the ark on the 27th day of the second month (Oct. 27). See Gen. 8:14.
Another possibility?
With all this said we have a gliche in the above calculations of 11 plus 40
days. This is what should have occurred (IMO), however, due to the constant
complaining by the Israelites in not having any meat to eat, God sent them quail,
lots of quail! A total of 3 ft. deep above the ground as far as a day's walk in any
direction!! Numbers 11:31. This occurred after 10 days into their journey and
lasted for 30 days. Whether that 30 days was included during the 40 days I don't
know for sure, but guessing it probably was an additional 30 days to be added
to the 11 + 40. So if we are to include the additional 30 days that would have
brought the June 10th date to July 10 which, when calculating the 40.3 years/
months/days from our year to 2011 + the additional 7 days brings us to November
24/25, 2011. A possible date for the Tribulation to begin? That would be the
exact time for the beginning of the two witnessess ministry which will be a
trememdous blessing for Israel when their eyes are open to the truth of their
Messiah. Recall now the prophecy in Haggai where that date of November 24
will be the time of their blessing and when they will finally bear fruit. See
Haggai 2:19-23.
While the above may seem a bit convoluted, it remains to be a simple study
that may or may not have significance. Still, it's interesting IMO. Use discernment.
May your watching days be a joyful and exciting time,