Judith (20 Oct 2011)

First of all I'll review what has already been posted regarding a possible October 20/21 Rapture
Recalling that the year 31, March 13/14/15 with the Crucifixion of Jesus on the 365.25/day
calculation placed that date on the 360/day count on Aug. 27/28/29, yr. 31. When adding 3 days
for the Resurrection + 50 days to Pentecost those dates = May 5/6/7 on the 365.25/day count
and October 20/21/22 on the 360/day count. See link.......................
Proceeding further, I'll begin with dates that have already been discovered during the time of
the flood, i.e. flood began in the year 1656, October 17 on the 360/day cycle and when con-
verted to the 365.25/day cycle it becomes December 28, 1632. The record shows that the
ark rested on Mt. Aarat on March 17, 1656 which when converted to the 365.25/day cycle =
May 17, 1632. Now recall that in a previous study that March 17, 31 = the Resurrection of
Jesus on the 365.25/day cycle and May 17, 2520 is three days after the arrival at Mt. Sinai
and when many have concluded that occasion was the time of the "First Trump of God" -
that is when God came down to the mount to meet with the Israelites who where told to
assemble on the 3rd day.
Now to conclude. After 430 years Israel leaves Egypt March 14/15 on the 360/day/cycle
and when converted comes to December 24/25 on the 365.25/day cycle - this study was
posted earlier on 5 Doves. See link.
Israel arrived Mt. Sinai on May 14/15, 2520 which is calculated on the 360/day cycle. That date
converts to February 22/23, 2483/8 on the 365.25/day cycle.
This year (2011) our October 20/21/22, 2011 converts to February 22/23/24 on the 360/day
cycle which is the same calculation as above. Coincidence?
But that's not all. By adding 3 days to the May 14/15, 2520 date = May 17/18 = The 1st TRUMP!
Then convert to the 365.25/day cycle = February 22/23/24 + 3 days = February 25/26/27 =
possible LAST TRUMP?
A reminder that this is strictly a study based primarily on the chronological data in Genesis which
I've calculated to the best of my abilities and knowledge. Hope this is an encouragement to
watchers. Either way, whether this study has any credibility or not, we all know that His coming
for us is rapidly approaching and soon we'll be meeting Him in the air heading toward our glorious
heavenly home.
Happy watching!!