Judith (11 Oct 2011)
"PENTECOST - OCTOBER 21.2011 - Possible Rapture Date?"

Yesterday I posted the date conversions from our 365.25/day calendar to the
360/day calendar - i.e. the year 31 (date of crucifixion), 1948 and 1967 and how
they may relate to the Feast of Tabernacles.  See:
If the Rapture doesn't occur sometime before or during the Feast of
Tabernacles, then look to October 20/21/22 which is when the Feast
of Pentecost occurred after the crucifixion on the 360/day calendar in
the year 31...................
Crucifixion - March 13/14/15 in year 31 would bring the date for Pentecost
to May 5/6/7 on our 365.25/day calendar.  That date converts to October
20/21/22 on the 360/day calendar.
Be looking up!  Our departure is soooooo close!  
Blessing to all faithful watchers,