JR (3 Oct 2011)
"Why we recieve a crown for waiting."

John and Doves,
Waiting for Christ is easy, thrilling and enjoyable for me, as is the expectation of His arrival at any moment.
This has been made so clear and pleasant by two stories from my life.
When I worked out and came home only a few hours away, home was where I was headed, my space, my life after being on the road.
As things advance in life, I was allowed to fly in and out of destinations, and the thought of arriving at the airport and being met by my loved ones was huge!
But no one was there to greet me, I had money, gifts, love, stories, but no one there.
I was made double worse when someone I worked with would have their family waiting, and I was alone at arrival.
The next case that really sticks with me always, is my daughter Alana when she was two, would wait at the living room window on the couch, behind the
curtains, waiting for me to arrive, she was always there, watching, waiting, sucking her thumb, holding her blanket close to her nose, hours she would spend
 my wife told me,  there, waiting, and in the evening when
she would watch, a car would pass by, and she would get excited, but no, not him, and she would wait.
I would be driving home knowing she would always be there and I was waiting for her too, to see that loving cherubic face and watch it light up, we would
greet and swing and laugh, and sing, then have snacks, and bring her bed between us until she fell asleep, she loved me very much, and it was always a great
event in my mind to have had that experience of someone waiting for me!!
This I believe is why we get a crown, Christ had those who he loved, and who loved Him off at the departure gate, and He will have those who love Him,
 and those He loves to meet Him when He is at the Arrival gate, just out of the plane, He will wave and smile and we won't have wait for Him to get to the
ground, He will gather us at the door of the plane as it opens and call us to meet Him and into the plane as we are standing there watching the flights come in,
 watching the monitor saying delayed, cancelled, are the stories of failed arrivals, and we watch and press our noses to the window and watch the planes
come in, and watch for who gets off the planes, with child like anticipation waiting for when He arrives with love and gifts and stories, others will be caught
up, but the ones who are full of the love just for waiting will get a crown, it is His gift, but for us it is the love we savour.