Jovial (25 Oct 2011)
"Assumptions of the Blood Red Moons"

A lot of people have made the assumption that the blood red moons predicted for 2014 or 2015 mark the second coming.  That is an assumption.  We don't really know that is the case.  Perhaps it is a sign of something significant.  We had blood red moons in 1948/49 as well.  Maybe it is a sign of something significant with the nation of Israel.  Maybe it marks the beginning of the end.  Maybe it marks an important marker before the beginning of the end.  Maybe it just marks something about the Nation of Israel that will turn out to be a clearer sign when the next cycle occurs sometime later down the road in a few decades.
Some people have been SO sure that it marks THE "end" that they have counted backwards to 2008 and assumed the False Messiah took power on that date only because they have sure that the blood red moons mark the end fo it all.  However, we are now past the 3 year mark since that happened and no sign of the 2 witnesses, no sign of anything that we know SHOULD happen in the first 3.5 years of all that happens.  By now, it should be obvious that the attempt to count backwards 7 years from the last blood red moon of 2015 has led some people to draw some false conclusions, because nothing really happened in October 2008 that could really even be mistaken for the start of the final 7 years.
It is possible that the whole book of Revelation could unfold in front of our eyes faster than we realize.  But we cannot be 3 years into the 7 years of Daniel 9.  I think it makes more sense to ask ourselves what 7 year treaties have been formed that could fit the bill for Daniel 9 first, and use that as more of a guide.  So far, I don't see one that does.  But keep watching - sooner or later it will happen.