Josua (28 Oct 2011)
"Menorah Math - more confirmation!"

Dear Doves!

Right after I saw this, I commented some things on youtube, but also want to show you this:

If 1111*1111 = 1234321 (which is a perfect match for the branches of a 7-fold menorah), I was thinking that:
- Jesus fulfilled the first 4 feasts at his first coming. -> 1111
- Jesus will fulfil the last 4 feasts at his second coming. -> 1111

Now I hear you saying that "There are only 7 feasts". Yes, but assuming that the church age possibly started at Pentecost as well as ends at Pentecost (with the rapture), it means that the middle branch (Pentecost) could have a double fulfilment.

Based on that thought, I tried the following 111*11*111 = ?.

The first 111 is for the fulfilment of the first 3 feasts.
The 11 is for the double-fulfilment of Pentecost.
The last 111 is for the fulfilment of the last 3 feasts.

Believe it or not, but before I typed it in, I was thinking that "the result must be something with 153, otherwise it is not from the Lord". The result truly puzzled me:

111*11*111 = 135531

Obviously, 135+531=666.

Also, if you take the first, third and fifth number from 135531, you get 153! And you can do the same backwards.

My jaw dropped. A mathematical hint for the rapture at pentecost?!

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua