John Clark (31 Oct 2011)
"RE: Randy   "Personal Health""

RE: Randy   "Personal Health"

Blessings Randy.

Frank Molver brought my attention to your post.

You probably need to look back at what was happening in your life physically four to six months ago when the problem began.  Your doctor is correct, along with others who've posted, that your taste and breath is connected to your nasal passages.  Frequently bad tastes and bad breath are due to infections in the sinuses.  This can usually be remedied with a course of antibiotics.  The same symptoms occur with infections to the teeth, tonsils or adenoids.  But of course, that would only work if the infection is bacterial.

One cause that is frequently ignored by most "modern physicians" would be fungal or yeast infections in the same areas.  Back around 1999 the Mayo Clinic did a study on patients with chronic sinus infections.  They did fungal and yeast cultures on a series of 100 patients who underwent sinus surgery for chronic sinus infections.  They discovered that 100% of these patients were positive for yeast or fungus growing in the sinuses.  I am sure that fungus up the nose would make the best shrimp cocktail taste like locker room socks.  Amen?

So, what was happening in your life physically 4 to 6 months ago when the problem began?

The use of antibiotics will make you susceptible to fungal and yeast infections.
The use of steroids, injectable, oral or nasal sprays would certainly cause this problem.
Yeast and fungus thrive on sugar.  Your sugars may be fine now, but what were they like 4 to 6 months ago?

Shalom, John