Joe Chappell (27 Oct 2011)
"to Carol Garza , re: group Disernment"

Dear Carol
I have felt for sometime as well, that the big Day of our departure will be revealed to each of us individually in a personal and very discernable way.
I base this mostly on my personal experience with the Holy Spirit.
I have had so many experiences, when the Lord revealed things to me, days , hours or minutes before they took place.
And these by comparison , were minor things, like a car crash or something personal in someones life.
I have learned over many years to be obedient to the Holy Spirit.
I have learned that as a servant, I must be discreet, I must not question, and I must say or do only what I am told, and then move on.
I am never allowed to gloat and say " I told you so " or " I knew it" , or try and take credit for something the Lord revealed to me in advance. That is just how it is.
So many deep things in the Spirit, I have experienced, but I am not allowed to tell.
But getting back to my original thought, I just know that the Holy Spirit will give me a "heads up" if you will.  An unmistakable last minute signal that " this is it ".  It may a week,  a day or maybe even hours in advance, but He will let me know.
That's how He treats me.
blessings Doves,  keep watching, keep listening, keep warning.....joechappell