Joe Chappell (26 Oct 2011)
"to Nicole: Re. Obama not the Antichrist"

Dear Nicole,
I laughed when I read that post as well.  Where has this guy been ? Obviously not on FiveDoves.  And " read your bibles " , Hello ? LOL.  I'm serious. No disrepect meant to the poster, but it did make me think of the ton of evidence that has been compiled over the last three years.  I mean, you could write a book about the subject.  I remember back in the 70's , when so many were pointing to different political figures as the AC, and I was very skeptical, but now, 2011 !!!  If he is not, then as someone said, " he will do until someone better comes along ".
On a more sinister note, maybe there is an effort to confuse or divert the "Watchers ".
blessings Doves, and keep warning !  joechappell