Joe Chappell (13 Oct 2011)

Dear Doves,
Thanks for all the encouraging posts the last few days especially. 
Nicole , your comment about the Drill Sergeant made me remember something that happened 20 plus years ago.
I took a group of boys from my church to an open house at a National Guard Armory near where I lived.
We met a young soldier that day , who was in full " battle gear ".
The boys were enthralled.
He told us that he had been part of a unit , that was nearest to deployment of any unit in the United States. I think he said that for a year, he would get up and dress as though he would be boarding a helicopter at a moments notice. He had no idea when he would go, but had to be in a continuous state of readiness.
He had camouflage paint on his face, and as he spoke to us, he threw his rifle down into the dirt, and then kicked dirt on it. Then he picked it up, and immediately disassembled it and cleaned it. He then just as quickly reassembled it, and checked the action for rediness. He showed us his back pack as well, and all his gear.  It was fascinating, especially for the boys. I could barely drag them to the car when it was time to leave that day.
I took a picture that day, I hope you can post it John.
All the boys are grown men now.
Waiting and watching ,    joechappell