JMS (7 Oct 2011)
"Hail you Jesus Christ, Saviour and Atoner !"

DK, o7. 1o, 2o11, - Doves, friends, understand and believe in:

Jesus Christ is our only way to salvation, so simpel was the
plan of the Almighty God.
as the Living Word from God, Jesus followed Isaiah chpt.55, read
the chpt, and then go back, and re-read from verse 6-11. then
you will better understand the word from Jesus on Golgatha:
It's fullfiled, it's Finished !!!

John 19:28-3o.v. - and remember Rome 9:28.v.

Praise, Honour and Love for ever to our Great Almighty Creator,
to Jesus Christ who followed the will of God's, to save us, and
to the Holy Spirit, who reveal it to us !

in the love from Jesus, - J.M.S - ><> *,_frelser_og_forsoner

J.M.S. = Jesus my Saviour

J.M.S. = Jesus my strenght.

J.M.S. = Jesus my salvation.