JMS (3 Oct 2011)
"What year is it ? - 2011/2012 - 5771/5772 or perhaps + 234 or 240 ?"

DK 3.1o.2o11 ! - Doves !!!

Who know for sure, What year we live in right now ???

if we take one of the Hebrew calendars, its now 5772, yesterday it
changed from 5771.

Funny if we put Vincent Tan's 234 on, we then have 5771 + 234 = 6oo5.
or if we use 240 as a lot operate with, as the number of years who are
'missing' in the Hebrew calendar, we then have 240 + 5771 = 6o11.
or if 5772 this - 234 + 5772 = 6oo6 and 5772 + 240 = 6o12

So where exactly are we ??? - it's not so easy to figure out, - but
one thing we know for sure, is what the Almighty God told Peter, John
and Jacob, when Jesus took them to the mountain and was revealed to them
in Spirit and light.
the apostles falled down to the ground when the Almighty spoke to them
saying: this is My beloved Son, listen to and follow Him.

and when they again looked up, - they saw only Jesus !!!

this is what is realy importent for us to do, the rest will happen in a
twinkle of an eye.

Have a blessed week in the love from Jesus Christ, - ><> J.M.S.