JMS (26 Oct 2011)
"Re: to Dennis Gaylor about all those warning dates !"

Dk.25.1o.2o11. dear friend !

Thanks for putting words on our frustration, in fact you used the same
word I have done back, about a boy who cried "WOLF to often"

but in the same time, I told about my experience about 11.11 in respons
to BGE yesterday.

Why ? - I asked the Lord: whats going on ?

And thinking it over again, it was like I was reminded of what happen
when Jonah have warned Ninevah, - the Lord saved them, - because of they
repented and asked forgivnes. - Jonah almost was in chock, he only
looked for destruction !

And then I was reminded of Peter in jail, the discipel' prayed for him,
and the Almighty send an Angel to release Peter, but when he go to the
house where they prayed for him, the first would not let him in. They
was in prayer, and that was after the will of God, - but they waited not
God's intervention, they still waited for judgement to happen !

On october 18. the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was released from 1941
days in prison in Gaza, - the palæstinians delivered him to Egypt, and
Israel took her Son home the same day.
it's almost like a modern fulfilment of God's word's in Hoseah 11.1.v.
and Matthew 2:15.v. - " out of Egypt: I called My Son. "

but will anybody understand it that way ???

Gilad was released 1810 - 181 is the number of the UN doc. given the
Jews right to a homeland in Palæstine. - it's a warning for our time.

We have to understand that God is in control, that He listen to our
prayer, and fulfil them if it's possible for our education - so if we
look at those 'wrong' dates, it in fact could be others prayer ? - and
if we remember BGE's letters, then they always are full of information
and teachings.

So perhaps we should remember that prayer gives result, that is to do
the will of the Holy Spirit's/God's - and Restrain the evil to happen,

the Almighty have a timeplan no doubt, and we are very close to the
end of this first way-mark in our redemption and salvation - and we will
be revealed, - even the 'evil' pray for us to leave the earth as soon as
possible !

the Almighty have it all in control, it happen in that splitsecond He
say: Take My Children Home NOW !

let's pray and prepare and ask for to be washed clean in the Blood of
God's chosen Lamb, - Jesus Christ !

Read about the way God act, in Isaiah chpt. 55 - the whole chpt. and
then go back and re-read 8-12.v. until you understand.

May God bless and protect all of us, in the name of Jesus Christ,
our wonderful Lord and Saviour, - ><> * - J.M.S