JMS (25 Oct 2011)
"Re to BGE 's letter - WARNING - 11:11:11 !!!"

DK. 24.1O.2O11  

I'm not so much for one date follow the next, - but I must admit, for a long time now, I have seen 11.11 on my clock, both PM and AM.

Over a year back I cry out to the Lord: I dont understand, I even dont know when you will take us away. - the only answer I got was: oh yes Jan you know and

always have. of course I asked how ? - but no other answer, only reminding about my birthday 10 of Nov. 1938 - and after that I started to see 1o.11 or

on my clock. - but for about a half year now, it have been 11.11 I see.

The funny thing is, in my part of the world we write the clock and date another way than yours, so my birthday is 1o.11.1938 - but in fact 19 also is 1o, and

38 is 11, - so its 1o.11.1o.11. - did I now say I think this will be the escape day ? - no, in fact I dont know, but funny is it, and I thought you would like

to have some respons for all your warnings.

May the Holy Spirit, prepare and protect all of us, in the blood of the chosen Lamb of God, - Jesus Christ our Greaty saviour - ><> *  J.M.S.