JMS (21 Oct 2011)
"Jesus said: when you see all this happen, look up your redemption draws near. Remember Peter, John and Jacobs experience on the mountain: and when they looked up, they saw only Jesus !!!"

Dk. 21.1o.2o11, - brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

When we see all those illusions and fears try to interupt us like a evil virus, - dont listen to, look at or follow it, - leave the lies from Babylon, Egypt and Soddom-Gommoreh,,

Let the Holy Spirit clean it all out of us, in the blood from God's chosen and eternal Victorious Lamb from the Cross on Golgatha, - Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour.

If we have anything to repent, then let us do it now, and turn back to the way of Jesus, - Jesus Christ alone are the Truth, the Way, and the real Life.

may our Almighty God bless, protect and save us all, in the name,and  the blood from Jesus Christ, - peace be with us all in the love from Jesus, - J.M.S. ><> *