JMS (19 Oct 2011)
"Re to Denis Hart about - The Harvest is the End of the Age: 111+42=153"

Dk 18.1o.2o11 - dear Denis !

Interesting to read your letters with a very speciel information, thanks.
It maked me think back on a dream I have the night between 15/16 of July o6, or 15/16.o7.2oo6, a dream I haven't understood yet, it was like this, but I miss
a few word's because of I didn't take it serious. - under here it is, feel free to comment it if you can see anything in it.

>>> 1.2.3. final count down. o7.o8.o9. 11 days and 11 hour's  from now <<<

PS: we write the dates the same way in Danmark, as you did in Australia - have a blessed day in the love from Jesus, - J:M:S: ><> *