JMS (17 Oct 2011)
"the Sign of Jonah* - the way of Abraham* - what we have to understand, and what we have to do !"

Dk. 15.1o.2o11, - Dear Doves and readers here !

There is more teaching's in the sign of Jonah, than we often have understood. Jesus told the Jews they would not be given them another sign, than the sign of Jonah'- and it
was understood as a prophetic warning, Jesus talked about the three days and night's, he was taken away from life.

BUT for us who believe in Jesus as our saviour, there is more, remember Jonah he warn us about to go wrong as he did, when he after to have gone with the warning from God, vent to the mountain waiting for the judgement from God to happen, - but it dont happen, because of the people of Nineveh with their king, understood and repented, and was saved, - thats the way of the Almighty God's ! - read Jonah's comment's to that in  Jonah 4:1.v. - also read Joel 2:12-14.v.

Jesus told us that he have not come to judge, but to bring salvation for those who listen, repent and follow the will of God's - John 3:16-19.v. - God have told us to listen to and follow Jesus, and Jesus told us to never judge, it belong's to the Almighty God alone.

Another way to react, is the way of Abraham' - when the Lord came to Abraham in Mamre, and told him He would destroy Sodom-Gommoreh, - Abraham dont judge the evil towns, and he never mention their sin at all, - But he act as Jesus later did, he asked the Lord to save, and the Lord listen to Abraham' pray, and promissed to do what Abraham
he pray for, if the actuel situation was for it, - and Abraham bow down, and accepted the will of God's.

Thats what we have to do, listen to and follow Jesus in obey and pray, - and let the will of God's happen, - and dont tell the Almighty to do the will of our's, it will never happen, and Praise the Lord for that. - We have to find ourr place as a creation, listen to and follow the will of our Great Creator, the Holy Spirit show us the way to go, and it's always the best way, ALWAYS - and if there is things we dont understand, then we are free to ask for it, - Jesus have paid the price for us !

Of course we have to warn about the time we live in, - but only warn, pray for the situation, and not more, - but leave conclussion and judgement to the Almighty alone !

Let's listen to and follow Jesus Christ, He is the only Truth, and Way to eternal Life, freedom and Peace - Praise the Lord for ever, - in the love of Jesus Christ !

have a blessed weekend, - J.M.S. ><> *  so soon