JMS (15 Oct 2011)
"REs: to pastor Riley's letter, - Update! Alert!"

Dk. 15.1o.2o11 - thanks brother in Jesus !

It's fascinating as allways, to read your letter's - God bless you for given information again and again.

When I read it, I feeled the Holy Spirit pointed Romans 11 out for me, and also Isaiah 8:16-18.v.

could it mean that Elenin (some call it the 'Hamar of God's') - will be the one who now seperate the gentile

christians from the Jews - as told in Romans 11 verse 22-29.v. - when God let it goe back to Israel again ?

why Isaiah 8:16-18. ? - because of when the 'taken away' it happen - it would be a great sign for Israel

and those who dont believe in Jesus.

In the seven of days in Sukkot, the Jews also think back on the seven of the sheperds in Israel - Abraham,

Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aron and David.

and when the Lord, as mention in Romans 11, open the eyes and heart's of Israel to see, - they will see

Jesus as the only King and Sheperd, (also mention in Zechariah chpt 12.) Jesus Christ then is number 8,

and then remember the eight day of Sukkot - it's called the Great day of the Lord - Hosannah Rabah !

ask the Holy Spirit to open up the script for you to see !

May God clean and protect us all in the blood of the chosen Lamb of Hi's - Jesus Christ !

have a blessed weekend in the love from Jesus Christ, - J.M.S.  ><> * soon now !