JMS (10 Oct 2011)
"re to E.S.T. - a Flash of Light experience !"

DK. 1o.1o.2o11 - to E.S.T.

Few month back I also have a flash of light experience in the midle of the night, I also first thought it was in my head to, and perhaps it also was,
but it waked me up, and I run to my window looking out, but there was nothing to see.

Then I was thinking back on how Jesus revealed Him-self to Paul, on the road to Damascus, - but also how He revealed Him-self in light on the mountain
with Peter, John and Jacob, and how the Light and the voice of the Almighty God, get the apostles to fell to the ground, dont look up, but listen to the
voice from the Almighty saying: this is My beloved Son, listen to and follow Him, - and when they again looked up, THEY ONLY SAW JESUS CHRIST !!!

But I also remembered my daughters light-vision years back, in a bus on her way home, - it follow in a link under here !

May we all trust in, and follow the will of the Almighty God, - Listen to and follow Jesus Christ, allways remembering John. 19:28-30.v. and understand
Pauls word in Romans. 8:23.v. + 9:28.v. - May God bless and protect all of us in and under the blood of the chosen Lamb of His, Jesus Christ - Amen.

in the love from Jesus, - j.m.s. ><> * soon