James Klena (6 Oct 2011)

Consider the Lord coming for us at Tabernacles.

This week long feast and dwelling in booths may

mirror our dwellings in heaven. Is there any reason the last 3

feasts could not be fulfilled in reverse order.

rapture at Tabernacles, Lords 2nd coming at Yom Kippur,

gathering of the elect from the four corners of the earth

at Ra shah shan. Consider also the Menorah as a representation

of the feasts; the center candlestick being the 4th feast of

Pentecost. Both sets of 3 candlesticks starting from the ends

going towards the center, to our Lord and Savior Jesus. Calamity is

just around the corner for this world. We may get the remnants

of Elenin as the earth passes through the trail of this broken up

comet, war in the Mideast, economic collapse or a variety of other

precursors.  Anyones guess. But make no mistake, judgment is coming,

and soon. The rapture is imminent, we will be taken, and God will

deal with Israel for the last years before His Return and reign.

Ezek. 20:33-38