Jim Bramlett (7 Oct 2011)
"Steve Jobs, R.I.P."

Dear friends:

This week the world lost a great man, Apple founder Steve Jobs, at only age 56.  He was one of the brightest and most innovative people who ever lived, and forever changed our world.

I read where he dropped out of college after only six months, considering it a waste of his parent's money (as most college is).  He then associated with a bunch of computer geeks, and the rest is history.

I searched the Internet, hoping for some hint that he he may have been saved, but only found that he was a Buddhist, as reported on his official obituary.

How ironic and sad, and what a shame -- that this brilliant man may have never known and believed the profound simplicity of John 3:16, forfeiting the eternal life that God wanted for him so badly that Jesus came and died for him.

                  Young Steve Jobs