Jim Bramlett (3 Oct 2011)
"Whatever happened to Comet Elenin?"

Dear friends:

What happened to Comet Elenin?
Recently I gave an update on the space object heading in our direction, called Comet Elenin, or Planet X, or Niribu, or whatever. 
Where is it now?
Since I last wrote, it has gone deeper into our Solar System and nearer to earth.  It is still being plotted by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Their computer model showing Elenin’s real-time location is at http://secchi.nrl.navy.mil/STEREOorbit/C2010_X1.html
As you can see, it is now very close to earth.  On September 26 it was in alignment with the sun and the earth, which many thought would bring severe earthquakes on the earth, based on previous, similar alignments and earthquakes, such as in Japan, New Zealand, Chile, and Fuji, but it didn’t happen.
It will be closest to the earth on October 17, 2011, before it starts moving out into deep space again.  Will that cause disruptions on the earth?  I don’t know.  Stay tuned.
There are probably thousands of Web sites on this subject, some with good information and some probably irresponsible.  A good source of information is on You Tube at http://www.youtube.com/user/MrCometwatch.  His regular Web site is at http://www.mrcometwatch.com .
Some believe Elenin is just ahead of another space body trailing behind, arriving a little later.  This other body may be the long-discussed Planet X.
Some believe Elenin is not a comet at all, but a dark dwarf star, which if true could be eve more ominous.
Some believe that Elenin has, in fact, dissipated already, but I doubt that report.

One interesting thing is that some of NASA’s space photographs clearly show the sky where Elenin is to be blanked out, where they are clearly censoring it for some reason.  Are they hiding it from us?
Keep looking up!  Jesus is coming.