Jill Hart (25 Oct 2011)
"Kathy S and a confirmation story"

"My daughter, do not think it strange, the vibrations that you have
felt within your body? These were my doings of my making"

When I read this I had to respond..for the last several weeks I have
been feeling a strange vibration in my legs, feet and sometimes arms
that I could not explain-it comes and goes.  Sometimes it feels like
the ground was shaking, though I know it isn't. It also did not seem
like a health issue, it was/is just a "strange vibration"

Now the confirmation story:

A couple weeks ago on the way to church with my children, my daughter
and I were singing, in the car, "these are the days of Elijah".  I was
praying silently that the Lord would give me a confirmation of His
soon coming at church.  So we get to church, the message was good, the
worship was awesome but nothing that seems to be a word from the Lord.

We are now in the car on the way home and my daughter (who went to
children's church) says "We sang These are the days of Elijah"! I
asked her if she had asked them to sing this song, but she said "no,
they just sang it" I thought cool, that was really sweet of you Lord.
Then she volunteered a dream the wife of the Pastor of children's
church had shared. The subject they are studying is about Noah, so
this dream wasn't really part of what they were teaching.  She shared
how she had fallen asleep in the afternoon and was dreaming about
talking to her mom, who had died a year ago. Her mom was in a wedding
dress sitting on the park bench with her. She said they talked for
what seemed like over an hour, when she asked her mom why she was in a
wedding dress, her mom said, everyone was getting ready for the
wedding, it would be happening soon!  When she woke up she had only
been asleep for about 15 minutes.  Now that is what I considered a
word from the Lord.

I hope this encourages you all as much as it does me.