Jennie (19 Oct 2011)

Tuesday morning I woke up to a strong smell of Sulfur, I believe it was a warning that the Volcano in the Canary Islands is about to blow???  The residents today reported smelling a VERY STRONG SMELL OF SULFUR???  Was God telling me that time is almost up??
Also, just for note, I live in Virginia, no where near the Canary Islands.
Also,  another thought came to me??  What if Jesus Raptures us between Today and November 7th??  On November 7th FEMA is going to have an EMERGENCY BROADCASTING EXCERSICE, and on November 8th the MASSIVE ASTROID YU55 COMES.
Rapture,  then Revelations Chapt. 8   A MOUNTAIN FALLING FROM THE SKY ON FIRE  (WORMWOOD).  People.  I believe our time here on Earth is Up????     YSIC  Jennie