Jeff Crisp (11 Oct 2011)
"Christmas 2011"

Hello Mr. Tng,
I have been reading Five Dove for several years now and have admired the true Christian intuition and values provided by your readers in an outreach to spread the Gospel and witness to many.  Like many of the watchmen that post on your website I too believe that Our Savior is ready to call us Home perhaps before the year is out.   Last Christmas we received several inches of snow in SC that started falling after midnight into Sunday morning the day after Christmas.  To get snow in our area is rare at any point during the winter but to get it on Christmas was unheard of, it basically had not happened in my area since the 1800's.   Many parts of the south got snow on Christmas as it was a wide spread event in the southeast excluding Florida.  As I was walking out in the snow I gave thanks to God and the Savior for such a great Christmas weekend and how the children of the south must have been enamored with the ability to enjoy this rare event and to think of the great family fellowship that was occurring as a region of the U.S. was getting the first white Christmas for all their living generations to witness.   Then the Spirit of the Lord came into me as has happened periodically when I feel that I am being delivered a message or a sign to interpret or follow up on.   The Savior and Father have blessed me my entire life, when I have prayed to them they have answered and given me resolution to my needs and problems.  I then had a thought that I knew why the deep south was given a white Christmas, it was to be the last for the Saved Christians, a present so to speak for our faithfulness.   As I asked The Lord, will this be our last Christmas here, the spirit of the Lord flooded my heart as if to tell me "Yes" I had seen the event and interpreted it's meaning from The Lord.  The south is commonly referred to as the Bible belt, and somehow I felt that day that we were given a special gift for our last Christmas here on earth as it is known today.   God and the Savior do not talk to me in words, they give me rare dreams and when I feel I am close to a message they want me to have they fill my body and heart with their presence which is as unique a feeling as it is hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it.
Having stated this I feel that we could be raptured out before the onset of Christmas this year, the feeling they gave me was as strong as I have felt in my life.   I felt like I needed to unburden myself with this experience and share it with you.
Jeff Crisp
Thanks, Jeff.
Welcome to the Doves!