Jeff Brown (26 Oct 2011)
"Virus Warning - sites linked to FiveDoves"

RE: 10/25/2011 List of URLs and Videos
Be aware that my antivirus reported and blocked a serious infection/attack.
I clicked the posted link:
While reading this site, my antivirus immediately returned:  Severity: High  An intrusion attempt by
Intrusion Prevention Auto Block has blocked IP: for a period of: 30 minutes  Detected  Tuesday October 25, 2011 8:43 pm.  Web Attack: Blackhole Exploit Kit Website 11 page-26047b959e6fbd8e
Destination Address: [my computer]
Source Address: (
No, I don't understand why it reported an attack from a site that was not the one I originally visited, but it might be a hidden link, or some other behind-the-browser attempt at re-direction to this infected 'homersimpson' site.  
Of course the enemy, the one who was a liar from the beginning, would like to see Christians' computers infected while trying to innocently read about a Christian athlete, or while visiting one of the many sites linked off FiveDoves.   It would not surprise me at all if the Haters of God are visiting FiveDoves, then deliberately infecting sites they know you will be visiting, as just one more avenue of attack against believers.
So this is a warning to all Doves.  I know you've heard it before, but please protect others by protecting your own computer.
If you're going to be on the Internet, please be sure you have
1.)  A firewall, either hardware or software
2.)  An effective antivirus program WITH current, updated profiles, and your system has run a [very] recent scan
3.)  An effective anti-spyware/anti-malware program, also updated so it's current.  Run a scan every day or so.  
Believe me, Satan and his followers know you are here.  We know attacks are mounting against Christians, worldwide.  They can and will attack through Christians' computer systems (and infect others if they successfully infect your computer).
Jeff B