Jean Stepnoski (31 Oct 2011)
"Entering the Ark Twice?"

Dear Doves'
      The story about the Noah family begins at Genesis 6:9. Bible Gateway has a number of translations of the Noah story. The family of 8 of the Noah family were commanded to enter the ark with the pairs of the clean and unclean animals and birds. The command to enter is on month 2 and day 10, which is Cheshvan 10. This would be Autumn rather than Spring. The crops would have been harvested so that feed, seed, grains would be available for them to eat. The implication is that the command was given and done on Cheshvan 10, rather than over 7 days. Why? It would take some time, 7 days, for them to begin to adjust to the new habitats. The animals and birds were frightened and needed tender care in their anxiety and distress. The ark was 3 stories, it was tri-level. There was a covering or a lid over the ark which reminds us of kippur. This was the deck of the boat. How did the large animals enter the ark? There must have been a gangplank. It was not a door but a plank that could be lowered or raised. It must have been wide to allow even the largest of animals. The animals, birds, Noah family board the ark and for 7 days the family could use the desk. They could go above the ark to the deck for fresh air, dispose of waste products, see the heavens, have someone stand watch. After the 7 days the torrent of rain began to fall, the flood was rising, and the waters of the deep were released. All this horror suddenly and rapidly unfolded on day 1 of the 40 days and nights of rain, deluge, flood.
      Why use the gangplank to enter twice, to enter the ark twice? Did they all enter ON the ark once on Cheshvan 10? Only on day 7, Cheshvan 17, the 8 of the Noah family permanently entered the ark through the door to level 3! They were all on it for 7 days of working and waiting. Only on day 7, Cheshvan 17, they were all WITHIN the ark. The translations are used that "the Lord shut them in" or that "the Lord shut the door" behind Noah. Door means door, it does not seem to mean gangplank. Could individuals try to get on board the ark, onto the deck, and open the door to the inside? If so, no one was allowed to do so after Cheshvan 17. Also Messiah/Christ refers to Himself as The Door or The Gate.
      The Day of the Great Divide, THE SEPARATION, was Cheshvan 10, not 17. All those who would live were commanded to board the ark on Cheshvan 10. Were they on board by Cheshvan 10 or Cheshvan 17? One was a Day of Deliverance and the later one a Day of Judgment.
      "When you see these things begin to happen, lift up your heads and look up. Your redemption draws near." One cannot look up to see the son of man without gazing up to the heavens. Concerning the ark, someone holding watch would need to be on the deck of the ark to do that, not within it. "As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the son of man be." If The Day of The Blessed Hope is linked to Cheshvan 10 this year, it is a day before 11-11-2011 (Cheshvan 14) or Cheshvan 17. The Day of Cheshvan 10, The Anniversary of the Command to Separate and Board the Ark, will be 11-7-2011. Remember the parable about the good man/owner/master of his house? He planned to watch for the thief breaking into his house to steal his valuables. He was surprised, he planned his watch to begin too late. May we be WATCHING, each day now, rather than waiting for a later day. He will come on a day few expect. Might "As the days of Noah were" mean a COMMAND for THE DELIVERANCE on Cheshvan 10? Remember, THE COMMAND was NOT given on Cheshvan 14 or 17! As before, so again?
With Love and Shalom,