Jean Stepnoski (17 Oct 2011)
"From 8-23 to 10-17 to 18 is The Bride Number of 55 Days"

Dear Doves,
      I have read a number of posts by Calvin at RFTH concerning the number 55, which is the number of the bride. Since I was curious, I counted back 55 days from 10-17 to 18. The date to begin the 55 day count up was 8-23-2011. Was this day significant? It was the date for two unusual earthquakes, "in divers places" near Trinidad, Colorado and Mineral, Virginia. The nearest large city in Virginia was Richmond. A line drawn between them was on the 37th Parallel. I wrote about these events in "Themes of Division: A House Divided, A Nation Divided" posted on 8-25. Virginia is a name of Latin derivation referring to a virgin.
      From 10-17 to 18 forward 2520 days arrives at The Feast of Trumpets in 2018, according to the Hillel Calendar. May we be daily WATCHING for The Bridegroom to appear!
With Love and Shalom,