Jean Stepnoski (10 Oct 2011)
"When Yom Kippur is Complete?"

Dear Doves,
      According to the Hillel Calendar Yom Kippur was 10-7 to 8. Yet because some places are so far behind Israel on the 24 hour grid, it takes another 23-25 hours for Yom Kippur to be complete for everywhere on earth. That adds a day to Tishri 10 so we are at Tishri 12 beginning for Israel. The sighting of the crescent of the New Moon adds another 1 or 2 days. Even if the Hillel Calendar is legitimate, let us suppose that all possible dates will be honored everywhere on earth to experience Yom Kippur and the full 40 days of preparation, repentance, and teshuvah! through Tishri 13, which begins on Columbus Day. That evening will begin The Last Day for Israel before The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) , The Season of Our Joy, The Feast of Harvest, The Feast of Ingathering. Since Tishri 14 going to 15 will be Day 1 of  the 3rd of the 3 Pilgrimage Festivals, it will also be The Third Day! I had thought that The Season of Pentecost extended to The Feast of Trumpets, from position 4 to 5 on the menorah. In a sense, does it also extend from Pilgrimage Festival to Pilgrimage Festival, from position 4 to 7 on the 7 pronged menorah? If so, either Tishri 13 to 14 or 14 to 15 would be a logical date to end The Season of Pentecost and the Pentecostal Dispensation of the current Age of Grace? It would fill up the menorah from Shavuot to Sukkot, symbolically from Lamp 4 to 7! The Pentecost outpouring would be accomplished!
      As Elliot Hong has noted, The Feast of Tabernacles is at the full moon. So is First Passover/Unleavened Bread. We are reminded of events at the midnight hour for Israel at Passover, in the times of Moses and The Master's last Nisan 14 accepting assignment at Gethsamane. The shofar is sounded at the full moon. A shofar is a kind of trumpet. With the full moon sighting, there is no time delay between the conjunction (the molad) and sighting the thin crescent of the new moon 1 or 2 days later!
      The Feast of Tabernacles begins a period of  7 days, from a High Holy Day convocation to another concluding day of convocation on the Last Great Day on day 8 of Shemini Atzeret. There is the life in the sukkahs for 7 days. Does this remind us of "the earth dwellers" in The Book of Revelation? They are grounded, planted, tethered to the earth. The sukkahs, these dwellings, are impermanent. The bride/body of Messiah/Christ is part of those departed through the open door,  to the permanent dwelling of The New Jerusalem! In the ancient Jewish Wedding Model, the groom and bride are hidden in the wedding chamber for 7 days. The 70th Week of Daniel is a period of 7 as well, 7 years.
      The date of 10-11, Tishri 13 to 14, will begin The Last Day before Tabernacles Day 1, also The Third Day, begins on 10-12, as Tishri 14 goes to 15 at the full moon for Israel. We are in a Watch Period from Yom Kippur to Day 1 of Tabernacles. May we be alert at all times and WATCHING for Him! Behold! The Bridegroom comes!
With Love and Shalom,