Jean Stepnoski (1 Oct 2011)
"Yom Kippur and Tishri 11: Sorrow and Great Joy"

Dear Doves,
      Some people believe that the 70th Week of Daniel must be 2520 days (or 2550 days) from The Blessed Hope until The Second Coming. Must the day of The Blessed Hope be Day 1 of the 70th Week? What is necessary according to The Scriptures? What seems to apply is Day 1 of the covenant with the many, Isaiah's "covenant with death and hell" until The Second Coming. Might these be 2 different timelines, only days or weeks apart?
      Might the Blessed Hope be some day during Tishri before Shemini Atzeret or Cheshvan 1 this year? For the day of the Blessed Hope to be linked to one of the remaining Feasts of the Lord in 2011, there are 2 major choices of days. One is Yom Kippur from 10-7/8 going to Tishri 11 from 10-8/9. This is a Scripturally unique time which combines sorrow and great joy. How is it a time of great joy as Yom Kippur ends and goes to Tishri 11 at sundown? Tishri 10 to 11 begins the prelude and preparation for the days of Succot. The Feast of Tabernacles is called The Season of Our Joy! When the 24-25 hour fast ( the afflicting of the soul) is over, it is symbolically broken with a joyous family meal of celebration, discussion, and preparation for constructing the succahs, the flimsy tents/booths/tabernacles. Some people buy things that very evening. In a sense, Tabernacles begins on Tishri 11, not just from Tishri 15 to 21. Why? The period of joy and excitement in preparation, of the work to create it, is from Tishri 11 to 15!
      Are there spiritual dangers from Tishri 10 to 11? There are indeed. If one drinks wine or any alcoholic beverages, there is a greater danger of drunkenness. The long hours of fasting will magnify the affect of alcohol, creating sluggishness and/or stupor. It will induce a deeper sleep, like a slumber. There would be a problem staying awake, sleepiness is overpowering. Immoderation with food would feel like gluttony. Also, a long fast will tire the body. What did The Master warn about The Day that the trap (snare, snare of the fowler) is set and sprung? Beware the overindulgence of the body, the sensorium with gluttony and/or drunkenness. Carousing or dissipation can also relate to a sexual element. See Luke 21:34-36. "Watch out. Don't let your hearts be dulled by carousing and drunkenness, and by the worries of this life. Don't let that day catch you unaware, like a trap. For that day will come upon everyone living on the earth. Keep alert at all times. And pray that you might be strong enough to escape these coming horrors and stand before the Son of Man." This is from the New Living Translation. Might Tishri 10-11 be the night of the trap, the snare, the snare of the fowler?
      The other major possibility is concluding the last day of the last Feast of the Lord, the number 7, at Shemini Atzeret on 10-19/20, 2011. Which clues of The Master fit better, with Yom Kippur-Tishri 11 or with Shemini Atzeret? Will the Blessed Hope people be away for the seven of the 70th week of Daniel, like the 7 days in the wedding chamber? If so, we are departed before the last 7-8 days of the number 7 of the Feast of the Lord with the Feast of Succot, the Feast of Tabernacles. We will have the 7 years in the New Jerusalem instead? Will "the covenant with the many" also called "the covenant with death and hell" begin between Yom Kippur and Cheshvan 1 in 2011? There will be the necessary 2520 or 2550 days between those 2 dates and The Second Coming at The Feast of Trumpets or Yom Kippur in 2018?
      In 3 of the 4 Gospels ( Matthew, Mark, and in Luke) The Master states that when the bridegroom is with you there is no fasting. When the bridegroom is taken away, then they will fast. According to Jewish custom, the groom and bride fast before going to the wedding canopy, the chuppah. When the groom and groomsmen arrive to spirit away the bride to the wedding, the fast is over. Then begins great joy which no one can take away from you and The Season of Our Joy! Do The Scriptures give us clues which converge and match with Yom Kippur-Tishri 11 for Israel? We shall see. Come quickly, Lord... Behold! The Bridegroom comes!
With Love and Shalom,