J Crips (20 Oct 2011)
"summer of 2007"

Some point during the summer of 2007 I had a premonition and started to focus on it.  After some minutes the date of 12/27 of that year appeared to me and I continued to
focus on that date and asked The Savior for clarification on what it meant.  Slowly "the time is nigh" came to me and I really had no idea what to make of it but the Spirit of The Lord
was in me strongly so I knew it was a message of importance, so I went to my calendar and wrote it down.  After Christmas that year I noticed the date on my calendar and watched what transpired the 27th, the only event in the news was the assassination of Pakistan's former PM Benazir Bhutto.   She was an ally of the Bush administration and
had strong support of the Pakistani people.   It was no surprise that dissidents and purported jihadists were tied to her assassination as she was an ally to the west.  I wondered what this event and my feeling the time is nigh had in common.  After thinking about it then and now I have some conclusions that I hope are wrong,
Bhutto made a claim earlier during her house arrest in 2007 in Pakistan to NPR radio that she told the local police why aren't you looking for Bin Laden instead of confining her to her home under Musharef's orders.   Even at that time she and the Pakistani's knew that Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan instead of the mountains of Tora Bora in Afghanistan.  If she had gained control of Pakistan she would have been a strong ally to The U.S. and would have given up Bin Laden's location four years earlier than actually occurred.   Her murder has lead to continued problems in Pakistan to this day and in my opinion the Pakistani gov't is in collusion with Al-Queda and gave up the location of Seal team Six to set up the trap and their murders.  In short there are at least 40-50 nuclear warheads in Pakistan developed by Dr. AQ Kahn and the Pakistani's are getting ready to set up a strike OR have delivered one or more of these warheads to Syria or Iran for their use.  The time is nigh was a message sent to me that Ms. Bhutto's death sped up the process for a nuclear device from Pakistan to be used as a weapon that sets off the large conflict in the middle east that could ultimately result in the destruction of Damascus and the onset of the tribulation and WWIII.   I hope I am wrong but the writings in Ezekiel and Revelations state otherwise.  Everyone be vigilant and witness to others as much as possible, the time is nigh.
Gods Love to All
J. Crisp