Jan (24 Oct 2011)
"God is furious"


God has tried to get your attention buy send his messages out into this world. But you will not listen. God loves his children but they do not love him or believe in God they are too busy. God say I have waited and waited for children to believe. God say I have fed you and provide for all your needs for thousands of years. God has watch us grow from nothing and he teaches us all how to take care of our self. And God has waited, waited, waited for this world to accept his son Jesus who died for this world. But the world has turn our backs on Jesus. Jesus gave this world all it needs and is still giving every day. Now your time on this world is up time has run out. Now you will feel God’s wrath and judgments God is about to give this world a great purifitation of fire. God’s last message is I gave you everything you need for many years.  I will now take them away you will learn now how to take care of yourself without Gods help. I am,I am, Iam  going to take my children from this world and then let all hell lose on this world. The earthquake that just happen today in Turkey is not the big one that will happen the big shacking is on it’s way.