James Foo (28 Oct 2011)
"The Year"


Dear John and Doves

Hope this will bring some comfort to the Waiting Bride of Christ

Journal Entry: The Year
Date: October 30, 2001  

In the night I was caught up in the Spirit and suddenly I was standing on earth but it was in darkness, no luminaries were shinning whatsoever. Then a shaft of light brighter than the sun flashed down to the earth and spread around the world. It was so bright I raised my left arm to shield my eyes and turned to my right knowing that God was there and said, “What year Lord?” Without hesitation I heard the voice of our Lord say, “Twenty Fourteen!” (2014) 

End of journal entry -   .....Please read the rest of the story... Thanks!!


PS: Let us celebrate the Christmas of 2011 ( who knows will it be the last ??)