Gerry Almond (7 Oct 2011)

Bro Eliot:

I read your post regarding the 10 days between RHH and Atonement.

Back in 1988, Bro. Edgar Whisenant had awakened the whole Christian world with his little book entitled "88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988".  He predicted 9/11/12/13, as the days in which it would occur.  It did not happen, although, I was one who thought it would.  That was over 23 years ago.  Bro. Edgar was not some kook, as many thought, but rather was a brilliant rocket scientist who was with NASA and plotted the cycles of the moon's orbit in preparation for moon landings.  He discovered what Zola Levitt made popular, and that is that the development points of the conception to birth of a human child is exactly in accord with the Sacred Feasts of Israel.  Maybe the reason it did not occur as expected is that God delayed the event by not allowing the day to happen?

When 9/11/12, 1988 arrived, INSTEAD OF RAPTURE, there occurred an unexpected annular eclipse of the sun exactly at sunset in Jerusalem.  This prevented the sighting of the new moon.  But, there was the next day, so not to worry.  The second evening, however, the moon was below the horizon, and was not visible.  Reports said that the spotters went to religious leaders for instruction as to what to do, as the new year was not reportable.  It was DECIDED BY THE RELIGIOUS POWERS TO PLACE THE JEWISH NEW YEAR ON THE FEAST OF ATONEMENT, 10 DAYS LATER.  IT BECAME A COMBINED FEAST OF RHH AND ATONEMENT ON THE SAME DAY IN 1988.  Has this possibly carried forward these 23 years since?

Their decision, of course, could not bind God Almighty, but suppose He allowed it to, just in order to hide the day of His coming from Satan?  That would make both RHH and Atonement occur on October 7, 8, or 9, this year????



Gerry Almond