Gerry Almond (24 Oct 2011)
"To:  Whomever posted the rapture to be in September"

I remember some dear saint had inquired of the Holy Spirit as to when the rapture would be.  He or she was impressed or was told "September".  It was assumed to be in 2011.

Guess what?  That may be correct.  But how could it be September and November both?

Rosh Hashana was Sept 29/30.

The Feast of Rosh Hashana contains within it THREE feasts.  They are:

New Year                   Rosh Hashana   "Head of the Year"
Atonement                 Yom Kippur       "Highest Holy Day"
Tabernacles               Sukkot              "Festival of Booths"

The sequence began on 9/29.  The Feast of 3 ended 10/20 + the 8th day or 10/21.
The Lord begins His coming for us 10/21/22 and arrive 21 days later (Dan 10) on 11/11/11.

So, the event began in September.  42 days later, (Jesus coming number in gematria) He is here.  It is a Rosh Hashana rapture event if this is accurate.  I think it is based on Rev 12 and the constellation Virgo.

Blessings to all


Gerry Almond