Gerry Almond (19 Oct 2011)

The time has come.  Just remember, God is not a man, as we are.  He dwells in eternity and time has no meaning to Him except as it affects us.  Read on.

A Note of Encouragement to all:

“The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9) KJV.  This expresses the desires of God, coming from His heart of love.

In careful consideration of the precision with which God works, I submit the following for your consideration:

Rosh Hashana 2011 fell exactly at sunset September 29/30.  As you know, this is a two day affair due to the worldwide dispersion of the Jewish worshippers, so in fact, we must also consider September 30/October 1.  Thes two days is the “hidden day” because it is determined not by a calendar, nor by astronomical means, but by the physical sighting of the first sliver of the new moon.  To show how this can vary, consider the year 1988.  Rosh Hashana was supposed to be on September 12/13 that year.  The first night out, the sighters were frustrated by a rare annular eclipse of the sun just seen in Jerusalem and environs which blotted out the moon’s sliver.  The second night out, i. e. September 13, they were equally frustrated by the moon being below the horizon.  This created a legal quandary for the orthodoxy, who MUST use the Biblical model given by God.  How to solve it?  Here’s what they did.  Inasmuch as the THIRD sacred feast consists of New Year, Atonement, and Tabernacles, they decided to set the new year on the same day as the Feast of Atonement that year, September 22/23.  Now, I wonder what God thought of that?  Did it make all future New Year’s ten days later?  Did God allow this in order to hide the day of His return?  Should be place the return on October 29/30 instead of October 19/20?  And if the second day is in play, would it be October 30/31 instead of October 20/21?   That would, of course be Halloween?? 

This year, the sighting was clear.  It was September 29/30.  The entire triad of feasts in the THIRD group, i. e. New Year, Atonement, and Tabernacles cover exactly 21 days from start to finish.  There is added to, but not a part of, the so-called 8th day of Tabernacles, a solemn day when those who could not attend day 1 of Tabernacles could make it up.  The number 8 is the number of “new beginnings”.

This 21 days period, I believe, is tied in with the 21 days of fasting and prayer by Daniel and his friends in Daniel chapter 10.  Thus, if that holds true, 21 days after Rosh Hashana, this year, dates to October 19/20.  If the second day is included, it may push the 21 days ahead to October 20/21.  As mentioned above, do we now add 10 days?  Is the total now 30 days?

It is clear in Daniel chapter 10, that the heavenly messengers came to Daniel AFTER the 21 days was FULLY COME.  That is, no sooner, in the above model than October 19/20. 

Today is October 19/20.  Either today or tomorrow, the time will be FULLY EXPIRED.  If this is the governor for the return of Jesus, then WE ARE THERE.
I certainly pray so, but remember the opening scripture verse and be patient.

IF THIS IS NOT THE EXACT TIME, then look a little further along.  All Saint’s Day is the day in early Church lore when the saints are RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD IN CHRIST.  I kind of think the early fathers knew more than we do today…not about the end times, but about the birthday of Jesus, and of course, this lore had a root somewhere.  And it fits as a “day ye think not” doesn’t it?  They believed that Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve, was the most evil time of the year.  It was when the demons tried to prevent the RESURRECTION cited above.  It was a time when evil was rampant for one evening and night. 

It is a possibility that the rapture could fit this day as well.  It is but a short breath of our Lord, as Sabrina and Susan reported the Lord told them in His last letter.  The last sand has gone from the hourglass and the Lord Jesus has taken a last breath before coming, in order to allow a little time for more to come in.

In all of this, I am encouraged and I am seeking to encourage you all as well.  The time has come!!!  It is very apparent.  Even Jack Van Impe said so on his latest program.  And Hal Lindsey as much as said the same thing.   God is delivering the message worldwide, I believe, that TIME IS UP…JESUS IS COMING!!

The dragon will be birthed on 11/11/11.  That may be the meaning of that number when all is said and done.  WE NEED TO GO…LOOK UP!!

Be Blessed


Gerry Almond