Gerry Almond (13 Oct 2011)
"Birth of Jesus"

I am not dogmatic about His one can be.  I do know that I was an avid supporter of the first day of  Tabernacles, birth date. e.  September, as the time.  But, I have figured out, I think, why His birth date landed on December 25.

Please note that the early Church fathers put His birth on Dec. 25.  Why they did it, I don't know, but one thing I do know.  There is secondary evidence to back up Dec. 25 as accurate.

Please note the following scenario:

The name Jesus is numbered in both Hebrew and Greek.  So is His second name, which according to the gospel of Matthew is Savior.  "And thou shalt call His name JESUS; for He shall save (Savior) His people from their sins".  (Matt. 1:21)

Jesus  = 888 in gematria
Savior =  14 in gematria

When multiplied, the product is 12,432 which I believe of course is days.

When 12,432 days is divided by a solar year of 365.24219 days, the product is 34 years and 14 days.

The gestation period (textbook) of a human child is 280 days.  The sacred feasts of Israel exactly match the major developmental points of gestation to birth.  That identifies Israel as a woman and explains why the lunar cycles compose her calendar.  Zola Levitt popularized this finding, but I think that Edgar Whisenant, the author of "88 Reasons Why the Rapture will be in 1988" discovered it and put it in his little book in early 1988.

The total days above, I propose, encompass the totality of the days of Jesus Christ in His human body.  That is, from conception to death.  THIS VERIFIES THAT ABORTION IS IN FACT, MURDER.

Working against the 12,432 days, they can be distributed in this manner:

280 days conception to birth
12,152 days birth to death.

His death was on Passover in some year, probably 32 A. D.
In that year, Passover was April 3/4.
Counting back 12,152 days is the day of His birth.  Each ten years = 3.652 days

April 3 back to Jan 1  =         93 days
30 solar years           =  10,956 days
3 solar years            =     1,096 days
December 31 back
     6 days                =          7 days

Total count               =  12,152 days

Add gestation time             280 days
GRAND TOTAL          =  12,432 days

This verifies that the birth date of Jesus Christ was December 25, probably 2 B. C.

This assumes, of course, that the multiplication of His names is merely coincidental.  That, I have a hard time believing, thus, no matter my own preconceived notions, I am finding two astounding facts:

1.  Jesus life verifies that abortion is murder because life begins at CONCEPTION!!!
2.  The early Church fathers knew more than we do about the timing of His birth.


Gerry Almond