Gerry Almond (11 Oct 2011)
"Dear Doves...Please look up and never give up."

There are things we do not and cannot understand in all the types and pictures of the Holy Book.  In God's word, I believe that He has "hidden" from the us the day of His return IN PLAIN SIGHT.  Thus, this little article.

Gerry Almond

DO NOT GIVE UP NOW.  My thesis is that 21 days is yet required of us.

Most of you know, if you have read my posts at all, that I firmly believe that the vision recorded in Daniel chapter 10 is somehow connected to our watch for the rapture of the body of Christ.  It involves a 21 days DELAY.  You know, also, that it relates directly to the number 21, which some have posted to as important.

In Daniel 10, when the Babylonian captivity should have ended according to Daniel’s understanding of the prophecy of the prophet Jeremiah, Daniel was extremely disappointed when it didn’t happen.  Why?  Because he was taken captive on his 17th birthday and he was now 87 years old.  He knew that 70 years was to be the length of the captivity, NOT A DAY LONGER.  When the captivity seemingly didn’t end, he didn’t call God a liar and neither have any of you, of course.  And he didn’t “beat his fellow servants” our of anger and frustration, but instead WENT TO PRAYER inquiring fervently of the Lord as to why?????

He and a host of his friends prayed and fasted for 21 days.  After 21 FULL days of this, heavenly messengers came to Daniel in a vision and explained to him why the captivity had not ended on time.  IT DID END IN HEAVEN, BUT NOT ON EARTH!!  Get it?  The rapture may have happened in heaven on any of the dates we expected, but has not yet occurred on earth.  The key may be 21 days of required DELAY.  Jesus warned us that IF THE SON OF MAN DELAYED HIS COMING, not to take in out on our fellow servants (Matt       ).

Please read the 10th chapter of Daniel, especially his vision beginning in verse    .  In the vision, one can see a picture of the resurrection after Daniel “died” and the rapture, as he was made “new and strong”.  But, from a time element standpoint, it is the 21 days that counts in this paper.

Let’s just suppose that the rapture occurred on time as we thought it might.  The first time I thought was 21 days after the 9/15 megaquake in Fiji.  (Fiji was the 188th days megaquake after the Japan megaquake.  That date would have been 10/6.  Since it didn’t happen, I turn now to others.  They are: 

1.    September 29, 30, or October 1 being Rosh Hashana.  Add 21 days and what do you get?  First is 9/29 + 21 = 10/19 inclusive
2.    Next, 9/30 + 21 = 10/20 inclusive
3.    Next 10/1 = 21 = 10/21 inclusive.

Any of these would be a good candidate for the event.
Then, what if the start date is Yom Kippur?  Just simply add 10 days each of the YK dates:

1.    10/8 + 21 = 10/29
2.    10/9 + 21 = 10/30
3.    10/10 + 21 = 10/31.

Remember that the count was a FULL 21 days.  That means that the very latest count in the above counts would make it 10/31 to 11/1.

Isn’t it fascinating that 10/31 is All Hallow’s Eve, the most evil day of the year in church lore?  It is when the demons try to prevent the resurrection of the saints.  Then, on 11/1 in church lore, the resurrection of the saints occurs, evil having been conquered by the return of the Lord Jesus Christ for His saints.  ISN’T IT FASCINATING THAT WE CAN ACTUALLY TIE THIS TO ALL SAINTS DAY?

All I am saying is that it may be that the Lord Jesus is enroute to get us in the rapture which will require a 21 day journey, not that He is unable to come immediately, but in order to fulfill all scripture types?  Think about it!!

Look up!! Everything is screaming that our redemption is drawing near.



Gerry Almond